We also offer intervention services from our two owners and interventionists, Tad and Tami Stringam.




Week 2: Trauma 

Week 2 is focused on facing all the trauma we have been through in our lives on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level in order to rid it of our bodies so that it can no longer feed our previous behaviors or addictions.

Sober Escort 

Week 4: Master Manifester Course 

In our final week the participants focus on creating the life of their dreams through focused vision and goals.  

Week 3: Spiritual Awareness & Present Moment Training

This week our guests will return to a place of love and remember to trust in their true source of internal power.

Week 1: Detox

An all natural  assisted detox that allows our guests to feel at home through this week long cleanse and do so in a manner that is as pain free as possible.


Need someone to fly out to safely escort your loved one? One of our staff would be more than obliged to do so!


We offer our detox as a seperate package from our complete life coaching course.

Our life coaching course consists of week 2, 3, and 4.

There is only one moment is time where it is essential to AWAKEN.

That moment is NOW.