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The word intervention conjures up a mental picture in many peoples minds of a high intensity surprise meeting with scripted letters, threats and scary ultimatums. The sole purpose of our intervention work is to rebuild the lines of communication which always seem to erode in the process of addiction. Attempting to conquer the substance which has enslaved you or your loved one is no easy task. Many die before ever reaching that point. At Awaken we understand both sides. More importantly we can help you and your family come to a better understanding of a situation that appears to be hopeless. Addiction is a progressive illness. Your loved one is standing in the middle of the road with a semi bearing down on them. Disaster is imminent without action so pick up the phone and call us. Trying to get sober will be your loved ones fight of their life. Don't let them fight alone. There is a way to love them through it without getting trampled. Let us help and we'll show you. Love and only love.

                                             ​​​Our Mission

Our mission is to be messengers of Love and Light. To connect with those who are suffering and help them remember  who they truly are, beyond name and form. To assist families in distress and walk side by side with them through the addiction and recovery process. Call 866-96-SOBER 

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